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Do I need Mozilla Thunderbird?

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free mail client option that we support. 


"Mail Clients" such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, and Apple Mail, are completely optional applications that some people use in addition to our Webmail System. You do not need a mail client to access your email, use your security features, or to be HIPAA compliant. In fact, most of our users prefer to take advantage of our richly featured Webmail Interface instead. However, we want you to have the best possible experience using our services, so we support adding your address to Mozilla Thunderbird and managing it from there.

Check out our other tutorials for help adding your address to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Some users find that mail clients are useful tools for managing their email address(es).
Thunderbird offers some advanced functionality that any webmail service, in general, would not:

  • Keeping multiple addresses logged in at one time
  • Cross referencing multiple email addresses, from multiple services, from the same application 
  • Integration with other third-party softwares, calendaring systems, or services 
  • Offline backup and migration capabilities via import/export tools and copy/move tools
  • Thunderbird is available for free and we provide setup tutorials for MacOS and Windows
  • Our eChat feature is easily integrated with this mail client for Mac or Windows


There are also potential downsides to relying on a third-party mail client.

  • Thunderbird is free, but will still need to be updated, like any downloaded software or app, regularly. 
  • Leaving an account logged in 24/7 technically increases your security risk if you do no protect the office environment/machine 
  • Constant syncing to an application uses bandwidth, which can be an issue for overtaxed or weak internet connections
  • Third party applications may call for third party support. If Thunderbird breaks, you will have to contact Mozilla for assistance.


You can Download Thunderbird for Free from Mozilla.