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Adding a logo to your email signature

This tutorial will show you how to add a logo to your email signature.

If you need help creating a signature, step-by-step instructions are available here.


Topics covered:


Finding the logo URL, and preparing the logo code.


Step 1: In order to add a logo to your email signature, you'll need the URL (web address) for the location where it's being stored on the internet.

If your logo is on your website, or anywhere else on the internet that is publicly accessible, you can easily copy the URL for the image location.

First, go to the web page where your logo is displayed. 
Right-click on the logo and select the menu option that allows you to copy the location/URL/address of the image.
The menu option that allows you to copy the image URL may be called something slightly different in each web browser.


Chrome: "Copy Image Address" (shown in example below)
Firefox: "Copy Link Location"
Safari: "Copy Image Address"


What if your logo image is not hosted online? 

If your logo is not currently hosted anywhere online (and thus you cannot use a URL to add it to your signature) you can email our support team and request image hosting for your signature. In your message, attach a high resolution file of your logo image. We will host it for you and provide you with a URL to use for your signature.



Step 2: After you copy the image URL, simply paste it between the first set of quotes in the HTML snippet below (replacing URL):

<img src="URL" alt="Description">

A description of the logo image should be included between the second set of quotes (replacing Description).

One of the reasons for having this alt description is so that vision impaired people who use screen readers can better understand what is on the screen. Their system reads this description to them. A common logo description can include the company name and the word logo. You're simply describing what the image is for those who can't see it.


Here's an example from an Entrvst signature:

<img src="https://www.entrvst.com/images/entrvst.png" alt="Entrvst Logo">



Inserting the code into your signature.



Step 1: Click the settings icon on the side navigation bar.





Step 2: Click on Signatures.





Step 3: Select the signature to edit.

A) Click the Signatures tab.

B) Double click on the signature you want to add a logo to.





Step 4: Click More to display more options.





Step 5: Place your cursor and access the code.

A) Place your cursor where you want the logo to appear.

B) Click the Source button.





Step 6: Input the code.

Paste the code you created in the first section between the DIV tags.

Replace &nbsp; with your code.

The different DIV tags correspond with different positions on your signature. The lowest one corresponds to where we left our cursor.

Click Save.



That's it! If you want to see what your logo looks like double click on your signature in settings, or send yourself a test message.