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ActiveSync Setup in Outlook 2013 Using Autodiscover

This tutorial will show you how to setup your Enguard ActiveSync Email Account in Outlook 2013 using Autodiscover.

ActiveSync will sync email, calendar, address book, and tasks in Outlook with our Webmail

You must be subscribed to ActiveSync, otherwise this function will not work. If you are on our Plan 3 and need us to enable ActiveSync for your account, please email your request to our support team before setting up Outlook. 

Autodiscover will automatically setup Outlook using your only email address and password.

In order for Autodiscover to work, you must be using our name servers. 
Or, if you are using an external DNS service, you must have our Autodiscover DNS records properly setup. 


Choose your starting point: 


Screenshots are for reference only, please read the instructions at each step and do not use the information in the screenshots.


If you are adding an email account to Outlook for the first time, you will see this prompt.


Step 1: Click Next





Step 2: At this prompt, Click Next.



Step 3: Skip to Account Setup Details

If you are adding an additional email account to Outlook:



Step 1: Click the File tab.




Step 2: Click Add Account.




Account Setup Details


Step 1: Complete the following fields, then click Next

A) Enter your name, this will be the displayed on all outgoing messages (what recipients see).
B) Enter your email address
C) Enter your password twice






Step 2: You will receive this security alert, Click Yes.






Step 3: At this prompt, click Allow






Step 4: Click Finish.



Your account has been successfully setup.
New email will be pushed to your Inbox in real-time.


Junk Filter Settings

Please be sure to disable the Junk Filtering in Outlook.
You do not need this filtering, as we have state of the art spam filtering in place on the servers.


Step 1: Click on the Junk (drop-down) and select Junk E-mail Options...





Step 2: Select No Automatic Filtering, then click OK




Sync Settings


Step 1: Click on the File tab.





Step 2: Click on the Account Settings dropdown, then select Account Settings...





Step 3: Double-click on your ActiveSync account





Step 4: Slide the Mail to keep offline: slider to the right until it says All. Then, click Next 






Step 5: Click Close.






Step 6: Click Finish.






Step 7: Click Close.