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How to Use EnGuard Telehealth in Webmail

EnGuard Telehealth is a Video Conferencing, Group Chat, and File Exchange feature in Webmail.

It is for one-on-one meetings with a Patient and Small Group Meetings up to 9 Participants

EnGuard Telehealth uses a peer-to-peer connection, therefore the Video Quality of the meeting depends on the internet speed of each connected participant.

Participants do not need to download or install any app or plugin, it works right from their web browser. The required web browser for the host to use is Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Each participant will need a PC or Apple computer with a web camera. Or they can use an iOS or Android mobile device.

When prompted, each participant must allow access to the camera and microphone on their device.


How to Create a Meeting

Step 1: Click on the EnGuard Telehealth icon in the top navigation bar


Step 2: Click the New button


Step 3: Enter a Name for the meeting
Setting a password is optional (we do not recommend setting a password to make it easier for patients to join the meeting)
Click Save


Step 4: Click Open Meeting


Step 5: If your web browser asks you to allow access to your microphone and camera
Click Allow


Step 6: Click on the Settings icon in the top right menu bar
Toggle ON: Allow guest users


Click Save
Your meeting has now been created!


How to Invite People to the Meeting

Step 7: Click on the Attendees icon in the menu bar
Click the copy icon to copy the URL to the meeting
Send the URL to the participant(s) via email and be sure to tell them to Login as guest at the login screen.


Step 8: Close your browser tab if your meeting will start at a later time
If you are starting the meeting immediately, go to step 10


Step 9: You will now see your newly created meeting in the EnGuard Telehealth area
To start a meeting, simply click on the meeting tile and it will open up a new tab in your web browser
Please create a separate meeting for each person or group.


Starting a Meeting

Step 10: Click on Join Video Chat
By default, your microphone will be muted, please unmute your mic. You can also turn video ON or OFF.


Step 11: Click on Attendees and wait for your participant(s) to join the meeting


Step 12: Your participant(s) will click on the URL provided by you, it will launch a web browser tab on their device and he/she will be presented with this prompt to enter their Name and click Join
(Remember we instructed you to not set a password earlier, it makes it easier for your patient to join this meeting)


Your participant(s) will receive a prompt to Allow Access to the Microphone and Camera
They must click Allow

Once your patient clicks the Join Video Chat button, you can begin your meeting!


Their microphone will be muted by default, so you will need to ask them to unmute their mic.


If any participant is unable to see others in the meeting, this can be resolved by simply clicking the hang up button and then Join Video Chat again.


Screen Sharing

EnGuard Telehealth provides screen sharing of windows, applications, and browser tabs.
Click on the screen share icon to select what to share.


EnGuard Chat

For participants who are Deaf, hard-of-hearing, or are encountering verbal language barriers, this is where you can have a group chat with all participants in the meeting.


File Exchange

You can send a file to your participant(s) such as an application to fill out, x-rays, a medical report, an image, etc. 
Click the ... icon to upload a file


To allow the patient to share a file with you, go into Settings
Select Everyone from the File upload permissions dropdown
Click Save


End of Meeting

You can simply delete the meeting by clicking the dropdown arrow and select Delete


Or if you want to save the meeting, you can now set a password to protect it.
Go into Settings and click on Secure with a password


Enter your password and click Save


Click Save