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How to use eChat Messenger in Webmail

This tutorial will review the basic functions for eChat usage in Webmail.


All Email Plans include eChat, but if you have been our customer since before 2018, your account may still be on an older, legacy plan (pre- eChat).  If you do not have eChat, but would like to add it to your Plan, we can help you upgrade the account - just email our support or billing team.


In order for eChat to function properly, you need to enable pop-ups for webmail in your web browser settings.

In Webmail, be sure to turn on eChat by setting your status to "online." Check out this tutorial on changing your eChat status.



To access eChat, click on the eChat/Chat icon in the left menu:




You will see a list of all the users and aliases within your organization.


Listings under Users are individual email address users.



Listings under Aliases are Group Chats made up of users.



Users with a green dot indicates they are online and available for chat.



Users with a grey dot are offline.



Users with a yellow dot are busy.



Users with a red dot are away.




Chatting with users/groups


To open an eChat Messenger window and chat with someone, double click any user who is online (green dot).




A new window will open. 
Type your message into this box and press enter/return to send the message.




The eChat Messenger window will automatically pop up on the other user's computer with a sound notification.
Each time a message is entered, there will be a sound notification.




In a Group Chat window, this is what the eChat messenger window looks like: