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Temporarily forward email to another user

This tutorial will show you how to Temporarily Forward Email to another user.

This is useful if you will be out of the office and want someone else to receive and reply to your emails. Please be aware that automatic email forwarding is limited to internal only. Forwarding to an outside domain is not HIPAA compliant, and our system prevents you from using addresses outside of your domain with Enguard with this feature. 


Topics covered:

You can setup Automatic Mail Forwarding for any of your Enguard addresses from the Control Panel.

Step 1: Click on the Accounts icon




Step 2: Click on your blue email address link




Step 3: Complete the Mail Forwarding Option:

1) Enter the user's email address you want to temporarily forward your emails to.

  • You can only enter one email address.
  • The email address must be within your domain name. We do not allow auto-forwards to an email address outside our system (e.g. gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc.), as this would be a HIPAA violation.

2) By default, you will receive a copy of all new email messages in your inbox. If you check this box, the system will delete all new messages in your inbox while you are out of the office and forward it to the other user.

3) Click Save


Remember to Remove Mail Forwarding when you are back in the office.

To do this, return to the Mail Account Properties page for the address.

A) Delete the email address from the Forward Mail to Address Box (optional)
B) Uncheck the Delete Message on Forward box if it was checked.
C) Click Save


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