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eChat Setup in Messages on Apple Mac Computers (macOS High Sierra)

This tutorial will show you how to setup eChat in the Messages application on Apple Mac Computers (macOS High Sierra).

At the time of this writing, the latest Mac OS version is Sierra 10.12.6, please make sure your computer is updated to the latest version of Mac OS to ensure the screenshots below match.

Screenshots are for reference only. Please read the instructions at each step and do not use the example information in the screenshots.


Determine Your Mail Server Address

You will use the mail server address for both incoming mail server and outgoing mail server settings when adding your email account to mobile devices or third party desktop applications. 

So, first let's determine your mail server address.


Step 1: Open a web browser on your computer and go to webmail.yourdomain.com

Replace yourdomain.com with your actual domain name.

For example, if your email address is bob@xyzhealth.com, you would type in webmail.xyzhealth.com.
Do not use a search bar or include http:// or https:// when entering the address into the browser's url bar.



Step 2: You will automatically be redirected to your mail server.

Your mail server address is the first portion of the URL, right before /Login.aspx.
In this example (below) the mail server address that we were redirected to is mail3.entrvst.com.



Step 3: Please write down your mail server address, you will need it to complete the steps below.



Add your Enguard account to Messages for eChat access 



Step 1: Open System Preferences





Step 2: Click on Internet Accounts





Step 3: Click on Add Other Account...





Step 4: Click on Messages account





Step 5: Complete the following fields:

A) User Name: Enter your email address
B) Password: Enter your email password
C) Uncheck: Automatically find server and port
D) Server: Enter your mail server address
E) Uncheck: Use SSL

Click Sign In





Step 6: Enter a description to identify eChat (useful if you have multiple chat accounts). Then, close System Preferences





Step 7: Open the Messages application






Step 8: From the Messages window, select Available






Step 9:  Enter your password and check the box beside Remember this password in keychain.
Click Log In



There is currently a bug in macOS High Sierra where keychain will not remember your password.
You will need to enter your password each time you launch the Messages app.
We hope Apple will fix this in the next minor release 11.1




Step 10: From the Window menu, select Buddies






Step 11: You will see your Buddies list. Double click on any user to start a conversation.






Step 12: From the Messages menu, select Preferences...






Step 13:  Click the General icon.

You can set sound and/or visual notifications for Messages.  

We recommend using the options in this screenshot.