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Block Senders, Manage Blocked Senders

The tutorial will show you how to Create and Manage Content Filters that Block Senders for your email account from the Webmail System Settings. 


You can block senders yourself if you prefer not to receive mail from them in the future. A sender can be a single email address or an entire domain name. Any user has the ability to block senders on their own account, and administrators can even block senders for their entire company with our help. There are multiple ways to block senders: 


Block Any Sender, Case-by-Case

Step 1: When you receive a message from a sender you would like to block, you can block them right away. 

A. Right-click the message.
B. Hover mouse over Actions to expand menu
C. Select Block Sender


You will see a confirmation message when you have blocked the sender:

Please note that this does not delete the current message or previous messages from that sender, but all future messages will be deleted (blocked) upon reaching our servers




Step 2: If this is the first sender you blocked, then the Webmail System just created a Content Filter for you named "Internal Blocked Senders."

You can view it by going to Settings, expanding Filtering, and clicking Content Filtering


Double-click the filter to edit it at any time. We will go over Content Filter creation and settings below. 



Create a Content Filter for Blocking Senders

If you have blocked a user in the past, you will already have a content filter named "Internal Blocked Senders" which you can edit and add to any time. It may be easiest to start your blocked senders filter by manually blocking a single sender first.  You could then skip to Step 3.

If you have never blocked a sender before, proceed below with Step 1


Step 1: Go to the Settings tab in your account and expand the "Filtering" option by clicking the + button beside it. Then, click on Content Filtering




Step 2: If you do not currently have an Internal Blocked Senders filter, Click New.  *


* If you already have an Internal Blocked Senders filter, double-click that filter instead of clicking New.



Step 3: Check the boxes for "From specific addresses" and "From specific domains" if they are not already checked. Then, click Next





Step 4: Under Options, change AND to OR. Enter the domains and addresses you would like to block into their respective fields. Then, click Next 




Step 5: Name Your Filter* and Select the Delete Message action. 

*If you are editing the Internal Blocked Senders filter, there's no need to name it.
If you are making your own custom blocked senders filter, name it something along the lines of "My Blocked Senders." 

Make sure to click Save



Your filter will be live as soon as you save it. 




Block a Sender for All Users @ Your Domain


Need a sender to be blocked for your entire company, so no users @ your domain will receive mail from them? We can help with that. 
Since this change will be made on the server, you'll need to email our support team to submit a request that we...

"Block this sender (email address, domain, or list of both/either) for my entire domain (your domain name)."


Only authorized contacts (admins) may submit this particular request. Please submit this request via an email to support. We will ask that you email this request, even if you call us first to describe the issue. This opens a support ticket and keeps track of who submitted the request and when the changes were applied to your account. 



Still receiving mail from someone you blocked?

First, check your filter. Always verify that the address they are using to reach you is indeed blocked. 

To address persistent instances of spam with our support team, contact us via email and please include all of the following details:

  1. Which address is receiving unsolicited mail from the blocked sender?
  2. What is the sending address of the blocked person/entity?
  3. When was the most recent instance of this spam (day, time)?
  4. What is the message subject?
  5. Do not forward the spam to us. We will not open it.
  6. Do not delete the message or open any contents of the message. Instead, flag it and move it to your Junk E-Mail folder.
    We can potentially analyze the message code and header information to help you identify and block its source.