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Enable Read Receipts

This tutorial will show you how to request read receipts for outgoing messages in our Webmail Service.


If you request a read receipt for an outgoing message, you will receive an email notification when your recipient has opened (read) your message - even if they have not replied to it. This is a great way to track whether your correspondence is being followed by the recipient.

Keep in mind, not all other email providers and apps support read receipts, so read receipts are not 100% reliable. Most popular email services do support and return read receipts, but in some cases the recipient's host will not be configured for this feature and you will not receive a receipt when they open the message. Additionally, recipients can choose to refuse returning a read receipt even in services that support them.

If you send an encrypted message, and you request a read receipt, the receipt will be returned 100% of the time if the recipient opens the message.


Topics Covered:

Request a read receipt for a single message
Request read receipts by default for all messages


Requesting a read receipt for a single message

Read receipts are requested/turned on from the compose message options. 


Step 1:  Click the Flags tab on the top blue bar, then select Request a Read Receipt








Step 2: You can click Flags again to see that the Request a Read Receipt option is checked (on).



That's it! A Read Receipt will be requested for that message when you send it.




You can also Enable Read Receipts by Default on all outgoing messages. 

Default settings for composing messages are managed from your Settings in Webmail.


Step 1: In Webmail, go to your Settings by clicking the gear-shaped icon on the left.







Step 2: In Account Settings, go to the Compose tab and check "Enable read receipts by default."

Be sure to click Save.