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Share Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes

This tutorial will show you how to share Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes with other users within your organization, and how to map Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes that have been shared to you. 


Any user can share their data with other users. In this example, we will share a user's contacts.

Topics covered:

  1. Share resource to others
  2. Map resource shared to you


Share Resources to other users


Step 1: From the user's webmail that needs to be shared, click on the Settings icon.




Step 2: From the middle pane, Expand the Sharing Menu.

Select Shared Resources.




Step 3: On the right pane, Click the New button.




Step 4: In this example, you are going to share Contacts, so select My Contacts.




Step 5: Click the Next button.



Step 6: Select users to share to. You can share with individuals, specific groups of users, or the whole organization:

Selecting individual users or multiple specific users to share with.

A) You can select multiple users by holding down the Control Key and clicking on each user in the box. 
B) You can grant them Read-Only Access, which means they can only see your contacts, but they cannot make modifications to them.
C) Or your can give them Full Control Access, meaning they can make changes to your contacts data.

Click Save.




You can also share your data with Everyone within your organization.

A) Select the Groups option, then select Everyone in the box.
B) Assign them Read-Only or Full Control Access.

Click Save.





Step 8: You should now see My Contacts listed. To make modifications to its settings, put a check in the checkbox and click Edit. You can also Delete your shared resources.


Map resources shared to you.

"Mapping" a shared resource to your account simply means that you are attaching that user's shared resource (calendar, contacts, tasks, or notes) to your account, so it will be visible or easily accessible from your own email account. 


Step 1: From another user's webmail, you will need to Attach the shared Contacts.
Click on the Settings icon.




Step 2: From the middle pane, Expand the Sharing Menu.

Select Mapped Resources.




Step 3: You will see shared resources listed.

Check the box for the Contacts, then click on the Attach button.




Step 4: In the Friendly Name box, you can name the shared Contacts to anything you like.

In this example, we named it Bob's Contacts.
When done, click Save.




Step 5: It will now display Attached under the Status Column.




Step 6: Click on the My Contacts icon.

Now you should see the shared contacts in the menu. You can toggle between your own contacts and the shared contacts any time from this menu.



All Finished!

Repeat these steps for Calendar, Tasks, and Notes, as the procedure to share those is identical to the steps above. If you are creating a central company share, we recommend creating a dedicated email account such as company@demo.com solely for sharing with all users within your organization.