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How to Manage DNS Records

This tutorial will show you how to Manage DNS Records for your domain name.

This information is for clients whose domains are registered with us and/or whose DNS is managed by us.

  • If your domain is using our name servers, then its DNS zone can be managed from the Enguard control panel.
  • If your domain is using outside name servers, then your DNS zone is hosted elsewhere and you cannot manage it from our Control Panel.


WARNING: Do not alter your DNS records unless you absolutely know what you are doing. Entering incorrect data or syntax can break your email service and/or web site! Please contact our support team to modify your DNS records for you if you are not sure. 



Step 1: Click on the Domains icon





Step 2: Click on your domain name in blue





Step 3: Click on Edit DNS Zone Records





Step 4: To add a new DNS Record, click on the Add record button. Select the record type and add the information.





Step 5: To modify an existing DNS record, click the pencil icon





Step 6: To delete a DNS record, click the trash can icon