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Creating an External Group Distribution List

This tutorial will show you how to create an External Group Distribution List. Using groups is a convenient way to send a mass email to multiple people at once. Contact groups cannot be made in the Global Address List.


Step 1: From the Contacts tab, click on the menu icon on the bottom left


Step 2: Select New Category


Step 4: Name the Category and click Save


You will now see new Category options listed under your default contact lists.
Click the eye icon to hide or unhide the viewing of specific categories.


Step 5: Click on a contact to add to the Category


Step 6: From the Contacts pop-up, scroll towards the middle, locate the Categories tile, and click the toggle to turn on the Category for this contact.


Step 7: Click Save


Step 8: Repeat steps 5 though 7 to add all contacts to this Category


Step 9: Compose a new message and click on the Contacts icon


Step 10: Select the Category from the drop down
Click Select All
Click Save


Step 11: It will auto populate the To field, compose your message, then click Send