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Send an Email to a Contact Group / Mailing List

This tutorial will show you how to create a Contact Group / Mailing List and send an email to that group.

Using Contact Groups is a convenient way to send a mass email to multiple people at once.

You can add internal users and external recipients to groups.


Step 1: From the Contacts section, click on the Actions icon to the right and select New Contact Group from the dropdown.


Step 2: Give the group a name and add members.


Step 3: Type the name of each contact, select the contact, and click save.

Repeat this step for all contacts you want to add to the group.


Step 4: When done click Save


Step 5: You will now see the Group you just created.


Step 6: Compose a new message and click on the To icon.


Step 7: Select the Group by clicking the toggle next to it

Click OK


Step 8: It will auto populate the To field, compose your message, then click Send.