Sharing Notes

This tutorial will show you how to Share Notes with other users within your organization.

If you would like to setup a centralized company shared notes, we recommend creating a dedicated email address (e.g. and share its notes.


Step 1: From the Notes section, right-click on Notes in the left menu and select Share Folder.


Step 2: You can share this folder with an individual usermultiple users, or all users.

A) Start typing the user's name, a pop-up will list names matching that user, select the user.

(To share with all users, see step 3)

B) Set Access permission:

None: This permission acts as a "negater" for users. For example, let's say you want to give everyone access except a specific user.

Read-Only: This means that the user can only view the items in the folder, they have no control over editing emails, adding emails, etc.

Manage: This access allows others to add, edit and/or delete any items within the folder. (But, importantly, NOT the folder itself.)

Owner: This access gives others full control to rename and/or delete the specific folder that's being shared. Basically, they use whatever is being shared just as if it were their own.

C) You can optionally share all subfolders within this folder.

Click Save


Step 3: To share the folder with all users within your organization

Select Everyone under User Groups

Set Access permission

You can optionally share all subfolders within this folder.

Click Save


Step 4: The Shared Notes are now visible to the user(s) it was shared with.


Step 5: Users can hide/unhide any shared notes by putting a check in these boxes.