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Import/Migrate emails and folders from another hosting provider

This tutorial will show you how to import your email messages and folders from another hosting provider.


The Mailbox Migration tool can be used to import your email data from an address residing on another email host's mail server to any of your email addresses on our server. You should not use this tool unless you are an experienced IT person. We do not guarantee that this tool will work for all scenarios, and in some cases you will require our assistance.

We do not recommend migrating email data from personal email addresses unless you plan to delete your personal email account.
This tool is only used to import email from other hosting providers (such as your own domain.com, .net, .org)



Step 1: Log into the email address you want to migrate the email data into.



Step 2: Click the Settings icon.





Step 3: In the middle pane, Expand Advanced Settings

Select Mailbox Migration





Step 4: You will get a pop-up box.

Under Account Type, select Other, then click Next





Step 5: Check the box for Email, then click Next




Step 6: Complete the following fields

1) Select IMAP
2) Enter your old mail server address, sometimes an IP address is required if you have made a DNS switch already. For this tutorial, we entered mail.emailpros.com as an example.
3) Leave the port as 143. If your old server only works with SSL, change this to 993.
4) Enter your old user name, most of the time it is your old email address.
5) Enter your old password.
6) Check the Requires SSL only if it is required.

Click Test Connection





Step 7: You should see this message. If not, you must have entered in the wrong details, in that case try again.





Step 8: Click Start to begin the migration. Please click it ONLY ONCE and wait a few seconds for it to start. It may take 30 seconds to a minute to start, so please be patient. If you click it multiple times, it will import messages multiple times!





Step 9: Messages will begin importing now. You can see its progress every 5 seconds. You can click close or watch it import your messages. It's ok to click close as the migration will still keep running on the server. You can even close the browser and shut down your computer if you need to. It's going to need some time to complete, and how much time varies based on several factors: how many messages need to be imported, how much data, how it is indexed in the previous host,  and how fast your old email service provider is. It can take anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours. Particularly large email accounts (especially those with many folders) may take up to 24 hours.

You can return to the Mailbox Migration in your account to check on the progress.





Step 10: Once finished pulling data from the other server, it will say Done (if you left the window open). Click Close

If you closed the window, you can tell if it is done when you reopen the Mailbox Migration tool and it has reset to the menu in Step 4.




Step 11: Now, the email data will be unpacked and dispensed into your account. Within the next 10-30 minutes (sometimes longer depending how many email messages and folders are being sorted) you will begin to see your old emails and folders in your Entrvst address. Don't panic if you don't see them right away! It will all eventually show up once it has time to process.




Step 12: After all the emails and folders are imported, you can rearrange or rename the folders however you want. If folders are in the wrong place, simply create a new folder in the root and you can move all emails from the old folder to the new one and then delete the old folder.


We recommend that you move emails to our Root Folders:

Sent Items
Deleted Items
Junk Email


Move all emails from similar imported folders with different names (Sent, Sent Messages, Deleted, Deleted Messages, Spam, etc.) into the like folder on our service. For example, if you imported a folder named "Sent," select all of its emails and drag-and-drop them into the "Sent Items" folder inherent to our server. All of your new incoming, outgoing, deleted and junk email will be going to our folders - so it's a good idea to move the old mail and avoid having extra, unnecessary folders.