Create a New Email Address

This tutorial will show you how to setup a New Email Address.

In this example, we are creating an email address named


Step 1: Click on the Accounts icon





Step 2: Click on the +ADD button





Step 3: Fill out the Mail Account Properties page:

1) E-mail Address: type the first part of the email address you want to create (the part that comes before the @ symbol)
2) Select your domain name from the drop down menu
3) Password: type a secure password
4) Confirm Password: Type the same password again

Secure Password Requirements:  Must contain at least 8 characters, 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number and 1 special character or symbol.  Must not contain any part of your email address, name, domain, business name.  Instead of using words that can be found in a dictionary, we recommend replacing some letters with symbols or numbers, for example:  P@s$w0rd vs. Password.  Complex passwords provide a higher level of security.  We also recommend changing your password at least once per year, or more frequently for added protection.





Step 4: (Optional) Enter a Display Name. 

This will be the displayed on all outgoing messages (what recipients see). It can be anything you want, first and last name, credentials, front desk, or anything that makes sense for you.

If these fields are left blank, only your email address will be shown on outgoing messages.





Step 5: Other Optional Settings:





Step 6: Click Save at the bottom of the page.






Step 7: You will see your new email address as a blue link on the Mail Accounts page.

  • To change the password, edit display name or delete the account, simply click on the blue address link to access its settings.
  • Do not click the check-box to select the address - just click the address itself. 



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