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Sharing Email Folders

This tutorial will show you how to share Email Folders with other users within your organization.

Any user can share their email folder with other users. In this example, we will share a user's Inbox.

Step 1: Log into the user's address (in Webmail) who will be sharing their folder. 

Click on the Settings icon




Step 2: From the middle pane, Expand the Sharing Menu.

Select Shared Resources




Step 3: On the right pane, Click the New button





Step 4: In this example, we are going to share the Inbox folder.

Select Folder, then select Inbox from the drop down menu.




Step 5: Click the Next button



Step 6: Choose who you will share the folder with and set their permissions. 

A) You can select individual users by holding down the Control Key and clicking on each user in the box. 
B) You can grant them Read-Only Access, which means they can see your folder, but they cannot make modifications to it.
C) Or your can give them Full Control Access, meaning they can make changes to your data in the folder.

Click Save





Step 7: (Option) You can also share your data with Everyone within your organization

A) Select the Groups option, then select Everyone in the box.
B) Assign them Read-Only or Full Control Access.

Click Save




Step 8: You should now see Inbox listed.

To make modifications to its settings, put a check in the checkbox and click Edit.

You can also Delete your shared resources




Step 9: From another user's webmail, you will need to Attach the shared Inbox

Click on the Settings icon




Step 10: From the middle pane, Expand the Sharing Menu

Select Mapped Resources




Step 11: In the right pane, check the box for the Shared Inbox, then click on the Attach button





Step 12: In the Friendly Name box, you can name the shared Inbox to anything you like.

In this example, we named it Inbox on demo

When done, click Save





Step 13: It will now display Attached under the Status Column




Step 14: Click on the Email icon




Step 15: Now you should see the shared inbox in the middle pane