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Update the Payment Method for Your EnGuard Account

There are three ways to update your payment method for your Enguard account.


If your recent payment failed, your credit card expired or was lost, or if you need to change the payment method for any reason, you have three easy ways to update your payment method. We will review each option below.

Log into your Billing Account Portal to make changes yourself, any time.

From our home page, enguard.com, you can click on the Billing link in the top right of the page to reach the Billing portal login page.
Or, you can go directly to https://www.enguard.com/billing

The log in page looks like this: 




Once you are logged in, click on the green "Update" button on the left of the page.



Click "Billing Information" in the menu on the left. Then, add your new card details. This form is secure. 

A) Select your card type from the drop-down menu
B) Enter your full credit or debit card number
C) Enter the expiration date on your card
D) Enter the CVV/CVC2 Number from your card

Then, click Save Changes.


Your payment method has been updated!

If you were overdue on a recent invoice, you may still need to apply payment to the invoice.
Updating your payment method does not automatically pay all unpaid items. 



Email the Billing Department

Using an Enguard email address that is listed as an authorized contact on your account, you can email our Billing department directly or use this contact form.

In your email please include:

  • Your Full Name
  • The Account you are updating the payment method for.
  • The Credit or Debit Card Details (full number, name on the card, expiration date, and CVV number)
  • If there is an overdue invoice on your account, may we apply the new payment method to pay it?


Emails from Enguard addresses to other Enguard addresses are automatically end-to-end secure.
Feel free to delete the email from your Sent Items folder after the update is processed.

Please be aware of our Billing Department hours: Monday - Friday, 6AM to 4PM (Pacific Time)


Call the Billing Department

Any authorized person may call the Billing Department to discuss their account or make account changes such as updating payment methods.

Call the number on our Contact page and make sure to listen for the appropriate extension. 

Please be aware of our Billing Department hours: Monday - Friday, 6AM to 4PM (Pacific Time)

You cannot update a payment method via voicemail. We must speak to you directly.

If we are not available by phone when you are free to call, please send an email instead.