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Creating Signatures

This tutorial will show you how to setup Signatures.

There are really two parts to setting up an email signature. You can create multiple signatures to select from when composing an email, and you can then assign any one of those as your default signature.


We will review steps for both parts:


Creating Signatures


Step 1: Click on the Settings icon.





Step 2: In the middle pane, select Signatures





Step 3: In the right pane, click on the Signatures tab.

Click on New




Step 4: You will get a pop-up box.

In the Name field, give your signature a name.
When done, Click Save

You can create as many signatures as you want.





Step 5: You will now see a list of signatures you have created.



Next we are going to assign your account a default signature.


Step 1: In the middle pane, click on Signatures again to refresh your webmail.





Step 2: In the right pane, click on the Mappings tab.

Select your default signature from the drop down menu.
Click Save





Step 3: When creating a new message, the message will automatically be populated with your default signature. (see below)



Note: If you are composing a message and want to change to a different signature for just that message, select the signature you wish to use from the drop down menu in the From field.