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Sending an email to everyone within your organization

This tutorial will show you how to send an email to Everyone within your organization.

You will use the Global Address list to address every email address @ your domain name. This can be done from Webmail. 


Step 1: Create a new message, click on the To icon.





Step 2: Select Your Recipients

1. You will get a pop-up box.
2. From the bottom left, select Global Address List from the drop down menu.
3. At the top left, put a checkmark into the top box to select all contacts. 
4. Or, you can individually select contacts by putting a checkmark in the boxes to the left of their names.

Click OK






Step 3: The To field is now populated with all the email addresses within your organization.

Send your message whenever you are ready.




Email Tip:

If you are sending out a general reminder or PSA, and don't need everyone to reply with all others CC'd - use the BCC line instead of the To or CC line. This is especially helpful if you are emailing several people at once.