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Setup eBox Desktop Client Software (macOS)

This tutorial will show you how to install the eBox Desktop Client Software on macOS.

The eBox Desktop Client is compatible with all versions of macOS.
At the time of this writing, the latest Apple Operating System is macOS High Sierra.
Your eBox account will be installed as a Cloud Drive on your computer and will function like a local storage device.



Step 1: Determine which Apple Operating System you are running:

From the Apple menu, select About This Mac.






Step 2: You will see which macOS version you are running here.

In this example we are running macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.







Step 3: Log into the eBox Web Interface.

Go to ebox.enguard.com and log into your account.






Step 4: Download Your Desktop Client Installer

From the profile menu, click on the Desktop Clients button.





Step 5: Choose your installer package:

Under eBox Desktop Client (Mac OS X),
Select your macOS version to download the software.
In this example, we will select the bottom link (10.13 is not listed but it is compatible).




Step 6: Install the Desktop Client Software

Open the file you downloaded.
Double-click the icon to begin installation.





Step 7: Click Continue.





Step 8: Click Continue.





Step 9: Click Agree.





Step 10: Click Continue.





Step 11: Click Install.





Step 12: Enter your Mac's password and click Install Software.





Step 13: Click Close.





Step 14: Launch the eBox Cloud Drive Desktop Client

From the Finder window, go into Applications.

Double-click Cloud Drive.




Step 15: Log into your account. 

1) Enter your eBox account email address.
2) Enter your eBox password.

You may uncheck "auto login next time" if this is a shared workstation.

Click Login.





Step 16: There will be a shortcut placed on your desktop when the client is open and logged in.





Step 17: You can also see the eBox Drive inside Finder.





For ease of access, keep an eBox shortcut on desktop / launch at startup.

Step 1: Open System Preferences.




Step 2: Select Users & Groups.





Step 3: Click Login Items.





Step 4: Click the + button.





Step 5: Select Applications in the left panel.

Select Cloud Drive.

Click Add.






Step 6: Your eBox Cloud Drive will automatically launch each time you restart your Mac.