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eBox Administrator 5-Minute Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the eBox Administrator 5-Minute Quick Start Guide

This tutorial will show you how to setup your eBox account in just 5 minutes!


Step 1: SIGN IN to the eBox Website

Please use the temporary password we sent you via email.


Step 2: This is our Web-Based File Browser

Every new user gets a default Documents and Pictures folder (you can delete them if you want).

You can drag and drop files and folders into the web interface. All files and folders in All my files are private and cannot be seen by other users.

This website has limited functionality, please install the desktop software at the end of this guide.


Step 3: Change your password

3A: Click the User Menu (top right) and select Change Password from the dropdown menu.


3B: Enter the temporary password we sent you into the Old Password field

Enter your New Password twice, click OK


Step 4: Create eBox Users

4A: Click on the Management Console icon (top right)


4B: Click the Users menu (left side)

Click the + Create User tile


4C: Click Native User


4D: Fill in the user's details, click CONTINUE

The default 100GB is more than enough for each user, this can be changed later if necessary.


4F: Click COMMIT

We have sent an email with a temporary password and quick start guide to this user.


4G: Click on a user tile to manage their settings


Step 5: Create a Team Folder to be shared with your users

5A: Click the Team Folders Menu (left side)

Click the + tile


5B: Select Existing Tenant Storage


5C: Select Default Tenant Storage


5D: Enter a name for this team folder (for example, we put Company), click CREATE

5E: Click Add Collaborators


5F: Select the eBox User(s) you want to have access to this Team Folder, click APPLY


5G: You will now see the eBox User(s) assigned to this Team Folder, click the SAVE button


5H: Go back into My Files (top right)


5I: You will now see the newly created Team Folder

Files in team folders are shared between users that are assigned to that folder. Users cannot see each others files, unless those files are in a team folder that both users are assigned to.


All Done!

For the full eBox Experience, please install the desktop software on your computer.

eBox Desktop Client Software for Windows

eBox Desktop Client Software for Mac


You can also download our Mobile App for iOS and Android mobile devices, search for EnGuard Box in the Google Play and App Store.