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Creating an Email Signature

This tutorial will show you how to setup an Email Signature.

It is possible to create multiple signatures and select different signatures when you compose a new email.


Step 1: Go into Settings from the More dropdown menu.


Step 2: Click on Signatures in the left menu.

Click on the default signature already created or the + New Signature option.


Step 3: You will now create your signature.

A) Enter a name to identify this signature, for example, we set it as John Doe

B) Write your signature. In our example, we added name, company, address, and phone number.

Click the + icon to access stylization options

Click Save


Step 4: You should now see your newly created signature.

To set a default signature, click on the Mapped Field drop down menu and select your signature.

Click Save


Your signature will appear at the bottom of all emails sent from Webmail.


If you setup multiple signatures, you can select which signature to use here: