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Adding a Logo to your Email Signature

This tutorial will show you how to add a Logo to your Email Signature.


Step 1: Send your logo to our support department via email. Supported file types: .jpg / .jpeg, .gif, .png

Step 2: We will send you custom code that looks like this: <img src="URL">


Inserting the code into your signature

Step 3:  Click on the Settings icon in the top navigation bar.


Step 4: Click on Signatures


Step 5: Click on the signature you want to add a logo for


Step 6: Type the word Logo where you want to place the image


Step 7: Click the + icon to Show More


Step 8: Click the Code View icon to show the HTML code behind this signature


Step 9: Highlight the word Logo with your mouse


Step 10: Copy and paste the custom code we sent you, replacing the word Logo between <div> </div>


Step 11: Click the Code View icon to hide the HTML code


Step 12: Your logo should now appear


Step 13: To adjust the size of your logo, click on your logo and then the Change Size icon


Step 14: The size you enter here will be in pixels. In this example, we entered 200 for the width, then Update


Step 15: Confirm the logo looks good, then click Save


Your logo will now appear in all messages you send.