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Sharing Email Folders

This tutorial will show you how to Share Email Folders with other users within your organization.

Any user can share any email folder with other users.
In this example, we will share a folder named ABC Client between John and Beth.


Step 1: Right-click on the folder you want to share, then click Properties.


Step 2: You can share this folder with an individual user or multiple users:
A) Start typing the user's name, a pop-up will list names matching that user, select the user
B) Select Access permission
None - They have no access to your folder.
Read Only - They can view the contents your folder, reply to messages in it, but cannot delete or move any messages. Replies still come from their address.
Full - They have full control to read, reply to, delete, move messages in your folder, and create subfolders. Replies still come from their address.
Click Save


To share the folder with all users within your organization
Select Everyone under User Groups
Set Access permission
Click Save


Step 3: The sharing icon will appear next to any shared folder.


Step 4: The shared folder is now accessible under the Shared With Me section of the user(s) it was shared with.