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Share Contacts

This tutorial will show you how to Share Contacts with other users within your organization.

If you would like to setup a centralized company shared address book / contact list, we recommend creating a dedicated email address (e.g. share@yourdomain.com) and share its contacts.


Step 1: Click on Contacts


Step 2: To share contacts with an individual user or multiple users

Click on Sharing

A) Start typing the user's name, a pop-up will list names matching that user, select the user

B) Select Access permission

None - They have no access to your folder.

Read Only - They can view the contact details only.

Full - They have full control to modify contact details.

Click Save


To share contacts with all users within your organization

Select Everyone under User Groups

Set Access permission

Click Save


Step 3: The sharing icon will appear next to any shared contacts


Step 4: The shared contact list is now accessible to the user(s) it was shared with.


Step 5: To hide a contact list, click the eye icon

Contacts associated with that list will no longer be visible

To unhide the contacts, click the eye icon again