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Enable/Disable Write Permissions

Write Permissions are Enabled/Disabled from the Account's Control Panel

We recommend disabling write permissions on your web site (and keeping them disabled) to secure it from hackers. However there will be times that you will need to update your web application, install plugins, themes, etc. At those times, we recommend temporarily enabling write permissions.



Enable Write Permissions

1. Mouse over Web & Applications and select Web Sites




2. Click on your domain name to access web site settings




3. Under Security Settings

  • Check the Enable Write Permissions box.
  • Click Update.

You can now make changes to your web site.


Disable Write Permissions

When you are finished updating your website, be sure to disable write permissions.



  • Under Security Settings, simply uncheck the Enable Write Permissions box.
  • Click Update.

This will disable write permissions and will block hackers from putting files onto your site.