How to Block Senders

The tutorial will show you how to Block Senders.

Once you block a sender, all emails from that sender will automatically be moved to the Junk Email folder.

Blocked senders can also be automatically moved to the Deleted Items folder or permanently deleted.


Step 1: Go into Settings from the More dropdown menu.


Step 2: Click on Spam Filtering from the left menu.


Step 3: The default action is to move messages from blocked senders to the Junk Email folder.

You can choose to move blocked senders to the Deleted Items folder.

If your prefer to have messages permanently deleted instead, select the Delete option.

Click Save


Step 4: To manually add or remove an email address to/from your Blocked Senders list, click the pencil icon.


Step 5: Enter each email address you want to block.

Click Save


Click Save at the top left.


Step 6: To block a sender, right-click on the message, select Block Sender.