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How to Block Senders

The tutorial will show you how to Block Senders.

Once you block a sender, all emails from that sender will automatically be moved to the Junk Email folder.

Blocked senders can also be automatically moved to the Deleted Items folder or permanently deleted.


Step 1: Click on the Settings icon in the top navigation bar


Step 2: Click on Spam Filtering


Step 3: The default action is to move messages from blocked senders to the Junk Email folder.
If your prefer to have messages deleted instead, click the drop down to select a Delete option
Click Save


Step 4: To manually add or remove an email address to your Blocked Senders list, click the pencil icon


Step 5: Enter each email address you want to block
Click OK
Click Save


Step 6: To block a sender from your Inbox, right-click on the message / sender, select Block Sender


Step 7: To unblock a sender from the Junk Email folder, right-click on the message / sender, select Unblock Sender