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Mailbox size limit exceeded

Your Mailbox Size Limit has been Exceeded. 

You will have received the following warning message if your account's email storage is full:

"The size limit of 25600* MB for mailbox ‘you@yourdomain’.xxx has been exceeded. Incoming mail is currently being rejected."

*this number can vary based on your plan and mailbox size


You can see how much storage you are using by logging into your email account in Webmail.

  • Click on My Today Page in your Email tab and look under Disk Space Limits.
  • For a more detailed storage usage breakdown, click on the Reports tab to view your Disk Usage Summary.



After exceeding your storage space, you have two options:

Option 1: Delete messages to free up space.

When you delete a message, it goes into the Deleted Items folder and still consumes disk space. Once you empty your Deleted Items folder, more disk space will be available. If you have Email Archiving, all of the email data you have sent/received since initiating that service is backed up on another server. You can delete it from your account without fear of losing it entirely. Please be aware that not all of our Email Hosting Plans include the Email Archiving feature. For accounts without email archiving or for email data that was sent/received prior to hosting and archiving with EnGuard, deleting from the Deleted Items folder will be permanent and irreversible. 


Option 2: Add storage space to your account.

We sell email storage in blocks based on your current email service plan. To add more space to an email address, simply send an email to our support team or billing department to request a storage upgrade. We will break down your options for a storage upgrade or a plan upgrade so you can move forward with the best option for your account. If you're not authorized to make changes to the account, please have your account administrator email us instead.