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How to find your mail server address
This tutorial will show you how to determine your mail server address. EnGuard ... more
Configuring office machines and third-party software to send email through our SMTP server
This tutorial will help you determine the SMTP Server Settings for your third pa... more
Route website form data from external web site
This tutorial will show you how to route website form data to an EnGuard email a... more
What is an SPF Rejection?
Many people setup SPF Records without fully understanding the implications of do... more
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a security measure that comes with your service. ... more
Mailbox size limit exceeded
Your Mailbox Size Limit has been Exceeded. You will have received the follow... more
Webmail / Email is Slow
Speed issues in Webmail are almost always caused by local factors. EnGuard o... more
Increase in spam
Increased spam may result from listing email addresses online. Are you listin... more
Getting spam from people you know
If you receive a suspicious or malicious email from an address you know, there i... more
I am not receiving emails from specific senders
If you are missing an email from a particular sender, there is a chance their me... more
Sending email using third party servers
It is possible to authorize third-party servers to send mail on behalf of your d... more
How do I block a user from forwarding email to a non-HIPAA compliant email service?
EnGuard does not permit automatic forwarding of emails outside the system to a n... more
Remove "Add to Outlook"
We have discovered an issue with our "Add to Outlook" feature that no longer wor... more
Replace Exchange ActiveSync in Outlook 2016
EnGuard previously provided Exchange ActiveSync for Outlook 2016 to synchronize ... more
Replace Exchange ActiveSync in Outlook 2013
EnGuard previously provided Exchange ActiveSync for Outlook 2013 to synchronize ... more
Secure File Link Critical Update
Secure File Link uses a different URL format on the New Webmail compared to the ... more