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I am not receiving emails from specific senders

If you are missing an email from a particular sender, there is a chance their message was marked as spam. 

All incoming emails are filtered for spam using state of the art anti-spam technologies. Keep in mind that it is possible for legitimate messages to trigger spam filtering, and it is possible for legitimate companies to be publicly blacklisted. There is a chance that DNS or server settings on the recipients end may be causing delivery issues. In short, a number of factors determine whether a message is delivered to your Inbox, your Junk E-mail folder, or blocked by our server as spam. Here are a few guidelines to remember:


  • If an email has enough characteristics of spam, it will be moved into the Junk E-mail folder.
  • If an email has strong characteristics of spam, it will be deleted at the server level before ever reaching your inbox.
  • If the sender is blacklisted by a public blacklist, it will be blocked by our server. There are several ways to get blacklisted: virus infected or hacked PCs sending out spam, an email / web hosting company that allows spammers to send spam from their network, or a network / IP address that has been compromised by spammers.
  • If the sender's DNS records are not set up properly, they may be inadvertently violating their own security protocols, resulting in delivery rejection/failure. 
  • Misconfigured mail servers are also blocked by our server. Most misconfigured email servers do not have reverse DNS or they are trying to spoof (forge) a domain name. 


What to do about a missing message:


Step 1: If you are not getting emails from specific people, the first step is to check your Junk E-mail folder. Often, such emails will end up in this folder. If you do not see the message in any of your folders, their message may have been blocked for strong characteristics of spam.



Step 2: To prevent emails from a particular sender from being moved to the Junk E-mail folder or being blocked in the future, you will need to add the sender's email addresses to your Trusted Senders list. We provide step-by-step instructions for managing your list of Trusted Senders on our publicly available support portal. Any user can manage this on their individual address. Have senders re-attempt delivery after making this change. 



Step 3: If you added an email address to the Trusted Senders list and are still not receiving any emails from that specific sender, then they are most likely on a public blacklist, their email server may be misconfigured, and/or we are blocking them on a server-wide level. 

Email our support team to have us check our server logs. We will be able to tell if the message ever reached out servers, what happened to it at that point, and why. If you email us about a missing email message, we need all of the following information:

  • the sender's full email address
  • the recipient's full email address
  • the time and date the message was attempted (as close as possible) 


Please email us from an authorized contact email address on your EnGuard account.