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I've just signed up, now what?

Order Verification

After you submit your order, it will be manually reviewed by a staff member during normal business hours: Monday through Friday, 6am to 5pm PST. We will call you to verify your order, so please make sure to let your receptionist know that you will be expecting a call from EnGuard. Once your order is approved, we will send you an email with further instructions on how to get started.


Complimentary Setup

For all new orders, we offer a complimentary setup and training call with one of our trained technicians. This call is not mandatory, but we strongly encourage all new clients to take advantage of this service. The technician you speak with will make your setup process smoother and any service transitions cleaner, and the call can be one-on-one or conference style per your preference. We will schedule a convenient time for this setup during the order verification call. For more information about our complimentary setup service, click here.


Complimentary Migration:

Also complimentary, our email data migration service is tremendously helpful if you are transitioning from another email service provider. We will either discuss the migration timing and details at the end of the complimentary setup call, or for those who elect to self-setup, we will reach out via email or phone to schedule a convenient time. For more information about our migration service, click here.


Self Setup:

If you decide to forego the complimentary training after your order is approved, we will send you an email with the subject "Email Setup & Access Information." Be sure to add our domain, eguard.com, to your trusted senders list to ensure our emails are delivered to you successfully.