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Do you have an affiliate or reseller program?

Not Designed as a Reseller or White Label Solution 

Due to HIPAA Compliance and customer confidentiality, we cannot offer our service as a "white label" solution to other service providers.

However, we do have an affiliate program, and our affiliates earn a residual commission for referring customers to us. Any clients referred by affiliates will sign up with us directly, and we will train and support them. Affiliates do not need to be involved in the setup, activation, or support processes after sending customers our way. We appreciate referrals and have grown primarily on our good reputation. Our affiliate commission program is our way of saying thanks to those who believe in and spread the word of our services. 

EnGuard's Affiliate Program

Terms and Conditions

1. Send us an email to request our Affiliate Agreement and Application. You must sign the agreement and return it to us.

2. We will require a Tax ID or Social Security Number as monies paid over $600 will be reported to the IRS.

3. You will receive a user name and password to log in to our web site to manage your affiliate account.

4. You will be provided with a custom URL link and affiliate code to send to customers. Customers can use the link or code to sign up in order for us to track your commissions. You can also notify us of any referrals via email, after they sign up.

5. Because we have a 30 day money back guarantee, you will not earn commission until 31 days after the customer signs up.

6. If you sign up for your own email plan, it does not apply as an affiliate referral and you can get a discount according to what Tier you are on (see below).

7. Your account must accumulate at least $50 in commissions before we initiate payout. You must accumulate $50 in commission within 1 year after you are approved or it will be forfeited.

8. You may request a different (higher) payout amount to reduce the number of payments made to you.

9. Payment will be made via company check and mailed to you.

10. You will continue to earn a commission for every customer that renews with us.

11. If a customer cancels, you will no longer receive a commission for that customer and we will deduct your commission from any refund given to the customer.

12. We will send you a 1099 at the end of the year for all monies paid over $600.



Commission Structure

Tier 1 - 5%
5-99 Users

Tier 2 - 10%
100-499 Users

Tier 3 - 15%
500-999 Users

Tier 4 - 20%
1000-1499 Users

Tier 5 - 25%
1500-1999 Users

Tier 6 - 30%
2000+ Users