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What to expect with our Migration service

We provide Migration Services so that your move to our email service will be as seamless and painless as possible.


Transitioning to a new email host can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. For every new account, we offer a complimentary email data migration service. So long as you can provide us with access to the accounts where the email data is currently stored on the previous host's server, we will migrate your email data to our servers so you won't lose anything in the switch. For new accounts, this service is totally complimentary. For migrations performed on existing accounts after their first month of service, email data migration is billed at $95 per hour.


What we need from you:

Migration Details will be discussed in the setup and training call that comes with your order, but it's best to make sure you have access to everything we will need on your end before the call. 

If you are moving from another email hosting company, we will need the control panel login information.
If you own a domain name, we will need the login information for your domain registrar.
You will need to gather and provide a complete list of all email addresses requiring migration and their current passwords as part of this process. 

Once we obtain this information from you, we will schedule a convenient time to make the move without any disruption to your business.


What happens during the setup and migration:

1. We can transfer all email messages, attachments, folders, and contacts over to our server. 

2. During this process you will not lose any new incoming email messages. There is no email down-time, just a switch from the old host to the new (us).

3. Over the course of an hour or more* your accounts will have their data ported from the previous host server to ours.

4. A technician will follow up with you at every step of this process as they schedule, work on, and complete the migration.


*Normally a 5-user migration with a minimal amount of email messages in about an hour. If you have 50+ users, many thousands of email messages in the addresses, dozens or hundreds of email folders and subfolders, or large file attachments, a migration could take 8 to 48 hours (or more) to complete. Therefore it's very important to decide what really needs to be moved over and make an effort to clean up accounts prior to the migration. Other variables can impact migration speed/viability: server conditions of the previous host, server upload capabilities of old host, reliability of passwords and security settings remaining unaltered during the process, reliability of the previous server's internet connection, restrictions imposed by the previous host's server, etc. 


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