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Setting Automatic Forwarding

This tutorial will show you how to set automatic forwarding to another address. Auto-forwarding will only work to addresses on our service, as it wouldn't be be HIPAA compliant for automatically forward messages outside our service. You can manually forward to anyone you want.


Step 1: Click on More then Settings.


Step 2: Set your forwarding.

A) Add the address you want to forward incoming messages to. This has to be an address on our service.

B) You can add additional forwarding addresses if you want. Each time you add one, a new line will appear to allow you to add more as needed.

C) Toggle on "Keep original sender and recipients when forwarded". If left off the forwarded messages will show as having been sent by your address instead of the original sender. Leave off only if it makes sense to not show the original sender, this is very rare.

D) If you do not want the messages to stay in your address, you can toggle on "Delete messages when forwarded". This will delete them from your address, and deliver them to the address you forward to.


Step 3: Click Save.