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Getting Started with Webmail

Welcome to EnGuard Mail, a web browser based platform that is fast, reliable, and immensely secure.

Our Webmail includes Encrypted Email, Telehealth (Online Meetings), Chat, Calendars, Contacts, Task Management, and Notes.

You can send Password Protected Encrypted Emails and Secure File Attachments (up to 2,000MB).

We support Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome only, both web browsers are available for FREE on PC and Mac.


1. The first time you login to Webmail, please set your time zone.
Skip Recovery Email Address
Click OK


2. Enable Browser Notifications to receive new email alerts, chat alerts, reminders, and more.


3. At the top of the folders view you'll see the Show/Hide icon. This allows you to hide or show your list of folders, which is extremely beneficial when viewing your Inbox on smaller devices, such as tablets and phones.


4. Click the More Dropdown to see additional menus.


5. The New Button opens a pop-up window and will change according to which section you are in.


6. The New Dropdown Menu will open a pop-up window for other items regardless of which section you are in.


7. To the right of the main menu is our Advanced Search, you can search through Email, Notes, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks.


8. The Chat icon opens a pop-up window for instant messaging with other users within your organization.


9. The Notifications Bell will alert you for Calendar appointments, Task reminders, Shared Folders from other users, and more.


10. You can switch between Dark Theme and Light Theme by clicking on the Brightness Icon.


11. The last menu dropdown shows your Chat Availability status, a link to our Support Portal, and you can Logout here.


12. The Folder Icon will have various folder related functions in each section.


13. The Actions Icon will open the Manage Shares shortcut to Sharing settings.


14. By default, all users will have the following folders: Inbox, Drafts, Deleted Items, Junk Email, and Sent Items. When you go to the Email section you'll generally start with your Inbox as it's the primary location all new email resides.


15. Under the default folders are Custom Folders you can create to keep messages organized. You can also create Sub Folders inside of every folder.


16. Under your custom folders are Shared Folders from other users.


17. Emails from Trusted Senders will display a Green Sender Verification Shield.


18. Emails from the outside world is identified through a Subject Line Modification and a Yellow Banner warning inside the message. You can optionally turn off the subject line modification and/or the yellow banner by contacting our support team. We can also customize the wording for your organization.


19. Hover your mouse over the Information Icon at the bottom left to see your Storage Space usage.


Please see our webmail tutorials for in depth features!