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Creating a Disposable Address

A Disposable Address is a randomly generated address, completely independent of your email address. This address acts as a timed alias, forwarding mail to a specific folder for however long specified. When the time limit has been reached, the address is no longer valid and mail will not reach the mailbox -- it simply bounces back to the sender. This is useful when you only need a temporary sign up or don't want to give out your email address and possibly get inundated with spam messages.


Step 1: From the email section click on the Folder Icon above the default folders.

Select Disposable Address


Step 2: Select the folder to receive messages and set the time period you want the alias to function.

In this example, we have selected the Inbox (default), and want the alias to exist for 4 hours (default).

A) Select a folder from the drop down or leave as Inbox.

B) Set a time limit for the address in hours.

Click Next


Step 3: Copy the generated address by clicking the copy icon, then click close


Step 4: Paste the disposable address on any website.


Step 5: To Extend the alias duration, click the disposable address link under your default folders.


Step 6: Click Extend, then Close.

For example, if you selected a 4 hour duration, it will add another 4 hours.


Step 7: If you are done with the alias and want it deleted immediately, repeat step 5, click Revoke

Click Close