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Create a Group Alias / Group Forwarding Email Address

This tutorial will show you how to create a Group AliasGroup Forwarding Email Address.

A Group Alias (also known as a Mail Group) is an auto-forward of one email address to multiple users. This is useful if your organization has many departments and would like to create Internal Group Distribution Lists. Please be aware that mail aliases are restricted to internal users only: forwarding within the same domain name, to the other email addresses or aliases on your account.

In this example, we will create a Group Alias email address named sales@demo.com that will forward mail to John, Jane, and Beth.


Step 1: Click on the Groups icon


Step 2: Click on the +Create Mail Group button


Step 3: Complete the Mail Group Properties page:

1) E-mail Address: type the first part of the email address you want to create (the part that comes before the @ symbol).
2) Select your domain name from the drop down menu.
3) Group E-Mails: type the user addresses that you want to auto-forward to. You can only enter email addresses within your domain name. We do not allow auto forwarding to email addresses outside our system (e.g. gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc.), as this would be a HIPAA violation.


Step 4: Click Save


Step 5: To change the forward to addresses, click on the blue group alias address, repeat steps 1 through 4.