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Change a User's Email Account Password

This tutorial will show you how to Change a user's email account password.

Email address/user passwords must be changed by an administrator or authorized contact with access to the control panel on your end. EnGuard support staff cannot change, reveal, or assign email address passwords for any user(s) or administrator(s).


Step 1: Click on the Accounts icon


Step 2: Click on the blue email address you want to change the password for


Step 3: Enter the new password twice

Secure Password Requirements:  Must contain at least 8 characters, 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number, and 1 special character or symbol (maximum of 20 characters).  Must not contain any part of your email address, name, domain name, business name, or common words / strings (e.g. password or 123456789). Instead of using words that can be found in a dictionary, we recommend replacing some letters with symbols or numbers, for example: D1git@L rather than Digital. Complex passwords provide a higher level of security. We also recommend changing your password at least once per year, or more frequently for added protection.


Step 4: Click Save