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Disable / Enable an Email Account

This tutorial will show you how to disable and re-enable access to an email account.

Disabling an email account does not delete it. Disabled email accounts cannot be logged into at all, but they will still receive new incoming emails.

If you need to prevent an email account from being accessed, we encourage you to either change the account's password or to simply delete the account instead.


Step 1: Click on the Accounts icon 


Step 2: Click on the blue email address for the email account you want to disable


Step 3: Uncheck the Check to Enable Account box


Step 4: Click Save


Step 5: To Re-Enable the account, put a check in the Check to Enable Account box


Step 6: Click Save


To disable multiple users at once:


Step 7: Click on the Accounts icon 


Step 8Check the boxes to the left of the addresses you want to disable


Step 9: From the Actions dropdown menu, select Disable


Step 10:  Click Apply


Step 11: When the action is complete, you will see this message in green.
The addresses have been disabled.
There is no status indicator as to which addresses are disabled or enabled. You would need to click into each email address so see if the Check to Enable Account box is checked or not.


To Re-Enable multiple users at once:


Repeats steps 7 through 11, except select Enable from the Actions dropdown menu at step 9.