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Two-Step Authentication

This tutorial will show you how to use Two-Step Authentication for your email account.

Two-Step Authentication adds an extra layer of protection to your email account. It ensures that only YOU can access your account, even if someone knows your password.

When your account is protected with Two-Step Authentication, logging into Webmail requires two methods of authentication: your email account password and a verification code that's only available to you. This code can be generated from a mobile app, like the Google or Microsoft Authenticator available for iOS and Android, or delivered to a Recovery Email Address

If you do not see the option to enable Two-Step Authentication, it may not be turned on for your email account. If that is the case, your organizations's administrator will need to contact us to enable Two-Step Authentication before you can use it.


Step 1: Go into Settings in the top menu bar
Click Accounts in the left menu


Step 2: Locate the Two-Step Authentication tile
Click Enable


Recover Email Address Option
To use Google or Microsoft Authenticator mobile app, go to step 5.

Step 3: To receive your verification code at an external email address, select Recovery Email Address from the dropdown.
Enter your external email address
Click Next



Step 4: Wait for the verification code to arrive at your external email address (be sure to check your junk folder)
Enter the verification code and click Check


Google or Microsoft Authenticator Option

Step 5: To receive your verification code with the Google or Microsoft Authenticator mobile app, select Authenticator App from the dropdown.
Enter your external email address (as a backup option)
Click Next


Step 6: Scan the QR code with your mobile app
Enter the verification code and click Check


Step 7Two-Step Authentication is now enabled. You will need to retrieve a new code each time you login to Webmail.
To disable Two-Step Authentication, click Disable


Step 8: To install your email account into a mobile device, email client software, or chat application, your email account password will not work. You must use a password generated by the Two-Step Authentication feature by clicking the eye icon.


Step 9: To Reset a Password, click the refresh icon


Click Reset


Step 10: Logout of Webmail
From the Webmail login page, enter your email address and password
Click Login


Step 11: Wait for the verification code via email (if you setup Recovery Email Address) or open your Google or Microsoft Authenticator mobile app
Enter the verification code 
Click Login